I'm Cliff Aliperti, owner of the Immortal Ephemera Store. For the long story, see the About page on the informational part of the site. The short story is as follows:

I've sold online through eBay and other websites since April 2000. I've done this full-time since April 2004. As of this writing I've engaged in just over 30,000 transactions on eBay alone (I've also sold elsewhere over the years).

That's a lot of packages successfully shipped and a lot of satisfied customers. Here's my eBay feedback page if you'd like to read some of their comments.

My lifetime in collectibles actually predates the Internet, as I have participated in trade shows and fulfilled mail orders since the 1980s.

Enough about me, how about your order?

I ship six days per week.

Items ship next day after I receive notification of successful payment.

Sometimes it ships same day, depending upon the cut-off time and how busy my day is. But next day is guaranteed—you will have a shipping notification within 24 hours of placing your order, excluding Sundays.

Items are packed within hobby supplies and then protected by cardboard sheets and shipped flat. If you've ordered a lot of stuff, I might ship in a box instead. That will also have proper protection inside.

I buy a lot online, and I've always said I practice the Golden Rule when it comes to shipping—it's going out to you in the way I'd like to receive all of my packages.

If you have any additional questions or even suggestions, please get a hold of me through my contact page. I'll add to this page as need dictates, but that's all for now. 

Have fun shopping and thank you!


Cliff Aliperti with Warren William




—Cliff Aliperti, Owner
Immortal Ephemera
August 3, 2018