The Mouthpiece (1932)

Warner Bros. Premiered May 7, 1932. 86 minutes. Based on the play by Frank Collins. Screenplay by Joseph Jackson. Adaptation and dialogue by Earl Baldwin. Directed by James Flood, Elliott Nugent. Starring Warren William, Sidney Fox, Aline Macmahon, John Wray, Mae Madison, Ralph Ince, Morgan Wallace, Guy Kibbee, J. Carrol Naish, Walter Walker, Stanley Fields, Murray Kinnell, Noel Francis, and William Janney.

The movie that catapulted Warren William to stardom for a few years at Warner Bros. This is the best of the William J. Fallon inspired cycle of lawyer movies released in 1932. William is fantastic and earns his new found star power, while Aline MacMahon is every bit as good in support. Sidney Fox, not so much.

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