Pauline Frederick

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Born Pauline Beatrice Libbey in Boston, MA, she later took the name Pauline Frederick because of her father's objections to her stage career. A major stage actress who excelled in both tragic and comic roles, Frederick got her start as a chorus girl in The Rogers Brothers in Harvard at the Knickerbocker Theatre on Broadway in 1903. She advanced quickly in plays such as A Princess of Kensington (1903), It Happened in Nordland (1904), When Knights Were Bold (1906), and the popular Samson (1908) for William Gillette. She appeared in a few more plays before retiring for a few years beginning in 1909, after the first of her five marriages. Frederick continued on the stage beginning in 1912, her stardom providing great fanfare when she signed her first film contract with Famous Players. Her film debut came as Donna Roma in The Eternal City (1915), with the lead in Zaza (1915) among several other roles at Famous Players before a jump to Goldwyn and—eventually—California. She had the biggest hit of her film career in her final effort for Goldwyn as Jacqueline Floriot in Madame X (1920). Frederick left films in 1922 to return to the stage, appearing The Guilty One on Broadway, then did a handful of films in 1924, before embarking on a wildly successful tour playing Madame X on stage in Australia and London. She returned to Hollywood and a few years later made a successful transition to talking films beginning with On Trial (1928). Frederick appeared in approximately sixty-seven feature-length films, just under a dozen of them talkies such as This Modern Age (1931) with Joan Crawford, among the ensemble cast of RKO's The Phantom of Crestwood (1932), and in Ramona (1936) starring Loretta Young. Frederick proved a popular Elizabeth I in 1930s stage productions of both Elizabeth the Queen and Mary Queen of Scots. She kept busy on stage and screen throughout the decade with her final Broadway appearances coming in The Masque of Kings (1937), and her last film role in Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937). Pauline Frederick died of an asthma attack at age 55.

Birthday: August 12

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