Norma Talmadge

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Jersey City, NJ born actress who first came to the screen in 1910, and retired twenty years later after talkies took their grip. The eldest of three screen sisters, Norma was the glamorous dramatic star while younger sister Constance Talmadge typically played comic roles. A third sister, Natalie, also appeared in a handful of films, but is better recalled for her marriage to Buster Keaton. The bulk of Norma Talmadge's output came in short films made on the East Coast over the first few years of her career, including a small part in A Tale of Two Cities (1911). After a couple of years in California, Talmadge returned to New York, where she met and quickly married producer Joseph Schenck. Schenck formed the Norma Talmadge Film Corporation in 1917, and while her popularity had grown prior to this, Talmadge was soon a major silent film star. She starred in titles such as The Forbidden City (1918), her biggest hit Smilin' Through (1922), The Lady (1925), Kiki (1926), and Camille (1926), also appearing in Secrets (1924). Her popularity began to wane even before the talkies, but Talmadge took time to train her voice and made her talking picture debut in New York Nights (1929). One additional film followed, Du Barry, Woman of Passion (1930), and then she called it a career. She divorced Schenck in 1934 and married original Broadway "Jazz Singer" George Jessel, who she split with in 1939. She married a third time in the 1940s. Thanks to big earnings during the silent film heyday and her subsequent real estate investments, Norma Talmadge left an estate valued at over three million dollars.

Birthday: May 2

ABOUT THIS ITEM:Vintage 1920's Ross Verlag real photo postcard from Germany, #1539/1 Norma Talmadge. Measures approximately 3-1/2" X...
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