Shop by the Stars aisle featuring Constance Talmadge (1898-1973) vintage movie cards, still photos, ephemera, and other collectibles. Brooklyn, NY born actress best remembered for stealing away D.W. Griffith's Intolerance (1916) with her energetic performance as the Mountain Girl in the Babylonian portion of the film. Constance typically played comic roles while sister Norma Talmadge was a celebrated dramatic screen star. A third sister, Natalie, also appeared in a handful of films, but is better recalled for her marriage to Buster Keaton. Other surviving Constance Talmadge titles that can be viewed today include The Matrimaniac (1916) with Douglas Fairbanks, A Pair of Silk Stockings (1918), Her Night of Romance (1924), and Her Sister from Paris (1925), both of the latter with Ronald Colman. Talmadge left the movies when sound came along. She was dropped by First National in 1927, and made one final film in France, Venus (1929), that was distributed by United Artists.

Birthday: April 19

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