Shop by the Stars aisle featuring Cicely Courtneidge (1893-1980) vintage movie cards, still photos, ephemera, and other collectibles. Born in Australia to a British theatrical family, Courtneidge made her stage debut at age eight in one of her father's productions. She returned to acting after her schooling, eventually developing into a musical comedy star. She met actor Jack Hulbert in the cast of a 1913 production. They fell in love, formed a comedy team, and were married in 1916, a union that last until Hulbert's death in 1978. Their movie career was born of financial need, and that ushered in the period that placed Courtneidge's face on so many British tobacco card issues of the 1930s. Courtneidge appeared in eleven films between 1931-1937, the first five of these, and the final one, alongside husband Hulbert. Another cast her opposite Frank Morgan for MGM in The Perfect Gentleman (1935). Courtneidge continued appearing on stage, television, and movies through 1977.

Birthday: April 1

ABOUT THIS CARD:Lot of 24 (23 different) 1933 Allen's Film Star trading cards. Issued with various Allen's products...
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