Charles Coburn

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Popular character actor didn't become a full-time movie actor until age sixty, yet still managed to appear in seventy films. Born in Macon, GA, Coburn grew up in Savannah, and took to the local stage in the 1890s. He left for New York at age nineteen and debuted on Broadway in 1901. He founded the Coburn Players in 1905, and married co-star Ivah Wills in 1906. Their partnership was shared on the stage, including Broadway, where Ivah appeared in a dozen plays with her husband, most produced by him as well. Coburn's first film appearance was as Boss Tweed in a 1933 Columbia March of Years short. His feature film debut was The People's Enemy (1935) for RKO. It wasn't until after Ivah's death in 1937 that Coburn became a full-time film actor beginning with Of Human Hearts (1938) for MGM. The sexagenarian actor took home an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in The More the Merrier (1943), and was nominated for the same award on two other occasions, for The Devil and Miss Jones (1941) and The Green Years (1946). Coburn is at his best on-screen cast as the confused father, grandfather, or other elder statesman in movies like Bachelor Mother (1939), The Lady Eve (1941) and George Washington Slept Here (1942), with wider range on display in his dark performance in Kings Row (1942). Other popular film titles featuring Charles Coburn include Vivacious Lady (1938), In Name Only (1939), Edison, The Man (1940), Heaven Can Wait (1943), Impact (1949), Monkey Business (1949), and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). Coburn kept busy in the movies and on TV until the time of his death. He remarried in 1959.

Birthday: June 19

ABOUT THIS ITEM:Vintage 1949 still photo picturing Robert Warwick with Charles Coburn in film noir classic Impact (1949)....
ABOUT THIS ITEM:Vintage 1949 still photo picturing Charles Coburn and Ruth Robinson in film noir classic Impact (1949)....
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