Film Stars

Welcome ...

... to Cliff Aliperti's Immortal Ephemera Store. Classic movie stars are the focus here, more specifically vintage images of those old-time film stars, their faces on old paper and cardboard for you to buy, hold, and gather.

Trading cards, postcards, old photos—whether those be still photos from the studios, fan photos from the star's publicity team, or even mass-produced paper photos from an old Sunday paper—basically anything on old paper, 9x12 or smaller. Actors and actresses are featured from the earliest days of cinema, though the Silent Age, pre-Code era, Hollywood's Golden Age, straight through to the 1960s.

And the items they're pictured on come direct from those eras as well—everything is vintage in the Immortal Ephemera shop.


With apologies to customers located outside of the United States, but this shop is only configured to accept US orders at this time. I am currently accepting International orders in my eBay Store—if you see something here that you'd like to buy there, just let me know through the contact form.